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Automotive Direct Mail 11×17 Finalist Tri-fold Three Scratch-Offs

Automotive Direct Mail Tri-fold mailers have been around since the beginning and have been the most consistent form of Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns. Each tri-fold mailer is printed on our Grade A quality 100lb paper and consists of full bleed and above quality presentation.

11 17 Final Mid
11 17 Final bottom
Dealer ChallengeAutomotive dealerships are always looking for ways to get the most bang for their buck, and the tri-fold mailer have always been the go-to automotive direct mail campaign of choice. We understand this and have found a creative way in making the tri-fold to stand out from the rest. Many times dealerships do not want to add keys or anything of that sort to the mail piece but still desire the same results and to know their money was well spent.


We have designed different giveaway techniques that require strategically located scratch offs to make the mail campaign more intriguing to the consumer and still produce results. Psychology plays a big role in our approach; we have mastered the art of changing things up enough to keep the consumer wanting more. Each dealership requires their own special approach in which we tailor to, and it’s typically based off of their market area saturation and whom they are delivering mail to. This approach has satisfied Automotive Dealerships desires to keep cost down and still sell cars.


Results vary based off of each dealerships saturated market; our approach has always been praised by dealerships as better than the norm. Each automotive dealership has its budget, if the dealer desires to spend more and add more to their Automotive Direct Mail Campaign their results will be higher. We have seen with this simple approach results ranging from .005% to .015% response rate.







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