Why Automotive Black Book Direct Mail Working

We have found that there are many Automotive Dealerships that do not have the sales force to handle large gift seeker style saturation mailers and/or desire to have a more qualified buyer. The Automotive Black Book Direct Mail program would be a perfect fit for such dealerships.  Dealerships that have a smaller or less skilled sales force need to target people that are more apt to buy and not someone they will have to try and turn into a buyer. The Automotive Black Book Direct Mail program allows dealerships to target their customer base or a year make and model list with the black book appended.  This will allow them to input the updated trade in value of the person’s car directly on the mail piece.


The Direct Mail piece has full variable of the customer’s vehicle information thus adding value to the mail piece as well as attracting buyers.  This allows them to see what the trade in value of their car is and takes away their guessing. The beauty of the Black book program is that it can be used in conjunction as a Used Car mailer or as a New Car Mailer. When targeting as a used car mailer, dealerships can aim for individuals that have purchased their previous car 7 to 10 years prior and entice them with a quality newer used car. Same concept applies when a dealership wants to sell new cars.  They can target individuals that have previously purchased a car within 3-5 years and entice them in buying the latest and cutting-edge new car model. Either way you are targeting more buyers and not just gift seekers.


This program is extremely cost effective and works well within any budget.  We have seen a tremendous response to this program and would recommend any dealer looking for a program that wants to attract qualified buyers.







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