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As a global CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN solutions company, we offer affordable, great looking and fully functional Automotive websites to small, medium and large scale used and New Car Dealerships. Our Custom Website Design team will make your vision a reality. Your website ideas and needs are translated into a completely customized website design, copywriting, SEO optimized and internet marketing program that will set your Dealership apart. Why the same be different go custom.


Attracting and Audience

There are many Automotive Web Design Seo Internet Marketing companies out there offering their services without much to offer. We see there template style web design builds and simplified marketing programs in a cookie cutter manner and wonder why so many Automotive Dealerships go for this. Our conclusion is convenience and they make it easy to understand, the only problem is this is not what is always the very best for your dealerships. Maybe you have an Automotive Web Design Company that has creative your web site as a custom site; we do not desire your business and are happy that you have chosen this route. But if you are the many Automotive Dealerships out there that have gone with the cookie cutter approach, where all the other dealerships websites look the same we desire your business. You have not chosen the best route for what separates you from the rest, and your optimization will automatically be effected by the algorithms in being a duplicate site, your rankings and effectiveness in marketing will be found wanting. We will work with you to enhance your brand as yourself, why build on someone else territory, be unique and have your own voice in what you are portraying to your clients. Visit our Automotive Internet Marketing Section Today!


We understand this importance and will work directly with you and turn your ideas into reality. Whether it’s a solo web page or an expansive, database-driven website, we will take our time in developing an eye appealing SEO driven, user friendly Dealer website for you.


The World Wide Web has become the center of diversity. That is why we offer only Custom Website Designs and not your cookie-cutter site. In order to achieve the proper web design we take the approach of getting to know you, your dealership brand and your needs from the very beginning. We can save you time and money by doing this and only do what is necessary based off of your needs and desires.



Automotive SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) should be an integral part of every automotive marketing strategy, and it’s imperative that your dealership has a monthly marketing plan. We can help your dealership, whether big or small reach new platforms in innovative SEO solutions. HOW MUCH DOES INTERNET MARKETING COST is a question we get often and that is why we provide you AutomotiveINTERNET MARKETING PRICING packages and a la carte services.


Our Automotive Search Engine Optimization packages consist of Seo Fundamental, Google Safe strategies, start up, social media, and budget packages. Our Automotive Search Engine Optimization Ala Carte programs consist of Press Release writing and distribution, Video Distribution, Blog promotion, Article writing and submission services, Social media branding, Website directory submissions, and local search.

Automotive Email Marketing- A coordinated set of individual email marketing messages delivered at intervals and with an overall objective in mind. An Email campaign allows each new message to build on previous success. An Automotive email campaign is a coordinated set of email marketing messages delivered at intervals and designed to escalate a persuasive argument to purchase, subscribe, download, etc. The content and design should be crafted so that each message builds on the previous, offering relevant new content, media, and links, without losing focus on the “call to action”. While automotive email campaigns require careful planning, the ROI is often greater because they deliver the multiple contacts needed to make a sale.


Building Relationships

Automotive Email marketing services no longer imply simply the designing, compiling, and dispatching of emails. The role played by bulk email service providers is far more crucial than that. We endeavor to make a huge contribution toward building strong relationships with your customers. Periodic and timely emails to potential customers can help build successful Dealership brand recall. Automotive Email marketing service providers like us help you build strong relationships with your customers even before they purchase a car from you.

Maintaining Relationships

Like every other relationship, it is crucial to maintain strong dealer relationships online to ensure the success of your online business. By sending regular emails to existing customers you can help strengthening the already existing relationship with your customers. Not only that, this is a great way to ensure repeat sales to existing customers.

Valuable Feedback

No matter how successful your dealership is, it can always use valuable feedback right from your customers. Whether you want to find out what cars to promote or whether you are interested in finding out how your service department is doing, you can depend upon automotive email marketing services provided by us to furnish you with this information. A good service provider will be able to design and dispatch a questionnaire that is customized to suit your needs.

Analytics – IPS is a Automotive PPC Management Company that takes advantage of an analytics engine that tracks all of your automotive website traffic. The data collected is made available to you and is used as a core part of our engagement metrics, predictive and behavioral analytics processing.

Visitor Engagement Metrics – IPS Automotive Engagement algorithms uses website data collected by our Analytics code to know who is visiting your website. The engagement data is used to help increase campaign performance for websites that are not conversion driven.

Automotive Predictive Analytics - One of IPS core technologies, our predictive analytics engine uses a specialized data warehouse that contains site visitors, goals and engagement data.

Patent-Pending Behavioral Algorithms – IPS automotive patent-pending algorithms predict future behavior based upon past actions. IPS has an outstanding track record of predicting which keywords perform best based upon how users engage with your website.

Visitor Scoring – IPS Automotive predictive analytics generates scores for your website visitors regardless of how many times they visit your website. See how visitors to you site rank. Are they Zombies or Likely Prospects?


Loyal Customers (True Positives)

These are automotive customers that have accomplished the goal and at the same time have been predicted to accomplish the goal by our data mining models. Therefore, their behavior is the benchmark for the other customers.

Prospects (False Positives)

These are customers that have not accomplished the desired goal, but have been predicted to accomplish the goal by our data mining models. These prospects are very important to you. The behavioral models think they should have purchased (or accomplished some other goal). If you close even 10% of these prospects you will significantly improve your ROI .

One-Time Wonders (True Negatives)

These are automotive customers that accomplished a specific goal. However, the data mining models predicted they should not have done so. These visitors demonstrated very different purchasing or goal behaviors, as compared with other customers. These customers are an important source of information.

Zombies (False Negatives)

These are the customers that score very low based on the behavioral models and may be wasting your resources. They do not purchase or seem to be somewhat less interested in your products and services. One of the goals of predictive analytics is to separate these visitors from the other more valuable visitor segments. In addition, IPS automotive campaign optimization is aimed at minimizing the negative impact of these visitors on your paid campaigns.

Automotive Credit Score Lists

Automotive Credit Score lists are pulled from the credit bureaus to get accurate, up-to-date credit score criteria. Credit Lists can be pulled with credit rating range, auto loan information, number of trades or loans, revolving credit information, lease information, minimum trade, gender, age, income, Hispanic surnames, and delinquent information. You can target very specific needs for your Automotive Dealership by using a custom Automotive Credit Score List.

Automotive Registered Owners Lists

There are about 26 states offering Automotive Registered Owners Lists with some states that are considered restricted and do not allow access to registration records. Automotive Registered Owners Lists are pulled using the owners information on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Automotive Garage Predictor Lists

Some states are completely restricted meaning that DMV or Vehicle Registrations are not available in any way. In these restricted states, we pull what is called an Automotive Garage Predictor List. These lists provide you with people who are most likely to buy or own a specific vehicle make or model by year model. It is composed of a series of models that make it possible for you to target households by vehicle ownership with at least 50% accuracy or better. Comparative data is modeled from surrounding states that are not restricted in order to get this list.

This list meets the privacy requirements of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and related legislation while providing the performance you need. You can use the Automotive Garage Predictor List and Niche (another type of predictor list) to target individual households by the vehicles they are LIKELY TO OWN, a proven predictor of future vehicle purchases.

With 129 models in the series, you have the flexibility to make selections tailored to your unique needs. Select from several model categories including vehicle manufacturer, vehicle type, vehicle model year, market value, time-owned and more. Each model is structured with three ranks.

Rank 1 – states probability of owning at 50% or greater. (Currently performing at about 70% accuracy level)
Rank 2 – probability of owning is 25% to 49.9% or greater.
Rank 3 – probability of owning is less than 25%

Automotive Bankruptcy Lists

We have access to bankruptcy files that can be filtered by the following criterion: Record Type (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13), File Date, Discharge Date, Age, Estimated Income, etc.

Automotive Resident / Saturation lists

These lists target all deliverable residential addresses in a particular zip code. Just as it states, this list is used to saturate an Automotive Dealer’s market area at a minimal cost. Automotive Direct Mail is sent to every residential address within a zip code (no other filters used), and the mail is marked with either “CURRENT RESIDENT” or has names where available. This type of Automotive Direct Mailing is one of the least expensive ways to mail directly into the mailbox.

Automotive Consumer Lists

The Automotive Consumer List consists of consumer information that is not tied to a credit score such as homeowner, renter, age, income, ethnicity, etc. This data is compiled from numerous sources, (e.g. public records, surveys, magazine subscriptions, etc.) to build a model of consumer behavior. Lists options include: Age/Income filters, new movers, new homeowners, etc.