Best way to do Automotive SEO

Many Automotive dealerships have internet marketing departments and they should. They are constantly having to update their site with all the new cars, used cars and the special promos that auto dealers run each month. I have seen many conflicting issues as far as Auto Dealers Internet Marketing departments making their sites SEO optimized. Some of them do a decent job with on-page work but the majority I have found do not do a great job with their off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is where you do work like Press Release, Article submissions and bookmarking in order to get backlinks to your website. I know dealerships are learning more and more each day about SEO and how important it is. I also know that hiring an outside SEO company is vital to their overall growth in competing with their competition. For example let’s say you’re in a big market, and you have many other dealerships in that market wanting to rank for the top spot on the SERP(search engine results page) and your dealership has less back links then your competitors website. This means that now your website will not rank as high as your competitor and you will possibly lose business because of it.

Another important off-page SEO factor is asking whether your dealership is trying to attract customers from cities or other parts of the state that are not directly in your direct market reach. You can achieve this by setting up a back end landing page with proper keywords. You can then do off-page SEO marketing to reflect that page with that targeted city or specific location in your state you wish to reach. Once your keywords are optimized you will then start seeing more traffic form that location and your overall floor traffic will increase as well.

An even greater way to help with overall increased traffic flow from an outside location is to combine Automotive SEO with Automotive Direct Mail. Print Auto Mail has had great success in this multi-channel approach and can help your dealership greatly with your increased market penetration. We are a One-Stop-Full-Service Automotive Expert Company in providing your dealership with high traffic. We do this with Automotive on-page or off-page SEO, combined with a targeted and non-targeted Automotive Direct Mail Campaign such as credit score or saturation mailers. Call us today and let Print Auto Mail fulfill all your Automotive SEO and Automotive Direct Mail Needs today!







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