New Car Mailers

With the market in the condition it is in, we hear all the time that there are not many good Automotive Direct Mail New Car Programs out there today Our never give up attitude and results driven philosophy has allowed us to produce results driven new car automotive campaigns. If all you want to do is boost your new Car Sales, then Call 800-340-5885 or Contact Us. We can help!

Registered Owner

Do you want to target specific owners of specific vehicles? Do you want a precise marketing tool to hit exact targeted individuals? Use a Registered Owners Automotive Direct Mailer and be specific, coupled with using an Automotive Registered Owners List that is pulled using the owners information on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Automotive Lease & Loan Buy Back Mailers

ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE LIST OF CONSUMERS WHO ARE IN THE MARKET AND QUALIFIED TO BUY! Target Auto loan holders expiring in 6 months or less, Lease holders expiring in 6 months or less, Vehicle owners who have paid off a lease or loan in the past 12 months and have NOT repurchased yet, LIVE credit score filter of 600+.


Automotive Data Base Mailers

Talk to your customer base; it’s inexpensive and generates a tremendous response. You have already built that trust relationship, so use it to get your word out. In addition, by choosing to use variable data printing, your message reaches out to your potential customer by name and allows for printing customized promotional materials that could possibly double or even triple your Automotive Direct Mail Marketing response rates.

Automotive Service Mailers

Boost up your Service Department with Customized Automotive Direct Mailers specific to your Specials, Products and Services.
Use your own database as a list to get repeat business out of your Customers!

Automotive Saturation Mailers

With their low cost factor you have the ability to saturate your immediate marketplace and create excitement and enthusiasm. You have the ability to hit all the same people you would hit with a targeted list at a fraction of the cost boosting your Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. We have creative campaigns that attract higher end buyers.

Automotive Direct Mail Used Car Mailers


We are among some of the pioneers in the Automotive Direct Mail Marketing industry when it comes to Automotive Used Car Direct Mailers. Our reputation and endurance have stood the test of time. We remember doing our first bankruptcy mailer back in the 80s like it was months ago. We also remember doing a 10 thousand piece Automotive Direct Mail Bankruptcy Campaign and getting over 1000 ups. While the days of getting those numbers may be gone, our attitude and focus are still going strong. Even with all the changes out there today, we can still drive the traffic in with the best out there.


Automotive Credit Score Mailer

Automotive Credit Score Mail campaign targets those sub-prime customers that have the intent to buy. These customers are always quick to come down to your Automotive Dealership in hopes of getting a newer car.

Automotive Bankruptcy Programs

Do you offer Special Automotive Bankruptcy Programs? NOW Is the Time To Target the Individual Who Needs a Boost In Their Lives. They have just gone through an ordeal, possiblylosing it all. Why Not Make Your Automotive Dealership the Saving Grace to these folks? If you don’t someone else will!Ask about our Monthly Rotation Program

Automotive Saturation / Blanket Mailers

Want to get the MOST BANG for your $$$’s? Put out an Automotive Saturation Direct Mail Campaign and watch the results come flooding into your dealership. Plus it’s a lower cost for your Automotive Direct Marketing Mailer because of the Postage rate!!! Get more mailers out for fraction of the cost!


Automotive Tax Mailers

When it’s tax time people are always thinking about what they can use their return money for. Studies have shown that a large amount of people have chosen to buy a new car. What a great opportunity for you to turn it into a win, win for everyone, send out an Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign just in time for the tax season!

6 X 9 Custom key envelope mailer

The more personalized your Automotive Direct Marketing Mailing, the more likely its recipient will read it and take action. That’s why letter packages are so powerful. Real people send things in envelopes to other real people. And consumers, especially in this day and age, want to be catered to on a personal level.
Nothing gets a busy prospect’s attention like a Custom envelope with a strong message called a “teaser” printed on the outside. Our research has shown that most Americans quickly thumb through their mail, opening most envelopes to quickly examine what’s inside - in case there is a check, valuable coupon or even a bill. We can take advantage of this to help get your message across.

Automotive Credit Card Self Mailer

These people need credit. Use the Automotive Direct Mail Credit Card Self Mailer as a lure to drive them to the dealership to establish their credit.

Whether you need an Automotive Staffed Event Team or not, we can help you put on a dynamic Automotive Sales Event. We have come along side numerous Automotive Dealerships in producing rewarding Automotive Sales Events and have all the facets necessary to make it a great success. If you are interested in holding a Automotive Staffed Event and need a Automotive Staffed Event Team, call or e-mail us and we will introduce you to men and women with a core value system of honesty and integrity to work your Automotive Sales Event.Even if you want to put on an Automotive Sales Event yourself, we have many different dependable Automotive Staffed Event campaigns that will fit your specific needs that you can choose from

Purl, Scanner, Appointment Center

On each of our Event Mailers you have the opportunity to enhance your results with our Purl, Scanner Appointment Center package. We will create a sequential number for each customer, offer them their very own domain name and website, plus set appointments with our live call center. Each appointment is set and driven to dealership, upon arrival dealer is given a scanner to scan each recipient in. if recipient does not show an additional call is made to scheduled recipient to a follow up appointment. Dealers see added response with this package