Why Automotive Black Book Direct Mail Working

We have found that there are many Automotive Dealerships that do not have the sales force to handle large gift seeker style saturation mailers and/or desire to have a more qualified buyer. The Automotive Black Book Direct Mail program would be a perfect fit for such dealerships.  Dealerships that have a smaller or less skilled sales force need to target people that are more apt to buy and not someone they will have to try and turn into a buyer. The Automotive Black Book Direct Mail program allows dealerships to target their customer base or a year make and model list with the black book appended.  This will allow them to input the updated trade in value of the person’s car directly on the mail piece.


The Direct Mail piece has full variable of the customer’s vehicle information thus adding value to the mail piece as well as attracting buyers.  This allows them to see what the trade in value of their car is and takes away their guessing. The beauty of the Black book program is that it can be used in conjunction as a Used Car mailer or as a New Car Mailer. When targeting as a used car mailer, dealerships can aim for individuals that have purchased their previous car 7 to 10 years prior and entice them with a quality newer used car. Same concept applies when a dealership wants to sell new cars.  They can target individuals that have previously purchased a car within 3-5 years and entice them in buying the latest and cutting-edge new car model. Either way you are targeting more buyers and not just gift seekers.


This program is extremely cost effective and works well within any budget.  We have seen a tremendous response to this program and would recommend any dealer looking for a program that wants to attract qualified buyers.

The Potential of PURLS

The more you can communicate to your customers in multiple channels the better. PURL’s often allow you to capture information via the internet that can be used to help you understand your clients. A PURL is one of the best ways to increase the response rate on your Automotive Direct Mail. PURL stands for “Personal url.” A “url” is a Uniform Resource Locator, or in layman’s terms, a personalized website.

Who is the personal in PURL?
Anyone you send an Automotive Direct Mail piece to will have their own personalized website. This is a great way to capitalize on our narcissistic tendencies as consumers. Because face it, we all love to see our own name in lights. We put on the mail something along the lines of “Attention John, check out your website below for added offers & discounts: “www.BuyACar.com/JohnSample” Every mailer will have a different website with the person’s name included in the URL.

What is the experience like for the PURL user?
•Automotive Direct Mail customer logs on to their PURL
•Fill out quick form of questions & info
•Customer receives a thank you email from dealership immediately
•They receive follow up email correspondence or email from an actual person at the dealership within the next couple of hours

Why would YOU put a PURL on YOUR direct mail campaign?
1. Reach untouched market. The people that respond to mail by walking in the door or picking up the phone are different from the people willing to go online to check things out. It is just one more avenue designed to get you sales.
2. Respondents are in the market to buy. Unlike some typical prize seekers, a great percentage of our people say they are in the market to buy in the next 6 months.
3. Boost traffic to your Website. After the potential customers log on to their personalized website we can set up a link to drive them back to your website letting them look at inventory or pre-qualifying them for an auto loan
4. Genuine Leads mean more automotive SALES. These leads are real and can be tracked in real time. You get an email stating they are looking at their PURL and that gives you the chance to follow up while they are still in the mindset of looking at cars.

This is a great internet marketing tool to use in conjunction with your Automotive Direct Mail that is greatly under utilized. You get a live interested buyer and your customer gets that personalized customer service they are looking for. Contact PrintAutoMail today at 951-461-1400 and ask us to give a boost to your Automotive Advertising Campaign.

Get More Product for Less Price

It is not very often that we hear this phrase, especially in the Automotive Direct Mail world, but that is exactly what Volkswagen announced this week with its new Passat. The company will start making these cars in their new Chattanooga, TN plant early in the second quarter and that has allowed them to drop their price tag by almost $7,000. Jonathan Browning, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America said, “The Passat will become our second-best-selling car behind the Jetta sedan. In addition to the price difference between the German made and American made Passat, there will be a few design differences specifically for American buyers. The American made Passat will have a longer wheel base, which in turn gives more leg room in the back seat. There will be various trim and equipment levels along with 3 different engines to choose from.

We too often fool ourselves into thinking that in order to get more, we have to pay more. In this day with technology being what it is, we at Print•Auto•Mail utilize our many years of experience in the Automotive Direct Mail industry to better further the response rates of your Direct Mail Campaigns. Our proven methods bypass the often “search for best priced??? mentality that comes with organic marketing. Using our Automotive Internet Marketing Campaigns our automotive dealers are seeing a higher gross per vehicle sold than most of your generic advertising methods. We have found a way for you to do more and pay less!

Contact Print•Auto•Mail today to get started on your Next Campaign @ 951-461-1400







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