Automotive Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Better Together

Automotive Direct Mail has been a driving force in the auto industry now for many years. It has been a proven marketing medium time and time again with a long track record of success. You have many forms of direct mail strategies whether it be a 11×17 key mailer, or an 8pg credit card mailer, whatever it might be, one thing is for certain having options has never been a problem. Automotive Digital Marketing is fairly new with less of a track record; however if done correctly, has and does produce optimal response. Recently there has been a trend called “multi-channel marketing??? and it is slowly making its way into the automotive industry. Automotive Multi-Channel Marketing refers to the practice of interacting with consumers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels such as –websites, social media, newspaper inserts, direct mail, email, mobile, radio, TV etc; thus enabling the customers to take action in their responses – preferably to buy a new or used car or go to the service department - using a combination of each medium of their choice, but all with the same message. There are many dealerships out there that do this form of marketing consistently but most of them do not. Dealerships are prone to have a different message in all their advertising. Their direct mail campaign is different than their TV commercial or what they are pushing on their social media.

I have found there are a couple of reasons why this is happening. First, dealerships do not have a marketing company in place that offers such capabilities and secondly they do not fully understand why multi-channel brand marketing is so vital. Automotive Multi-Channel Brand Marketing allows consumers to see the sale and branding compiled in the multiple advertising mediums portraying the same message.

Herbert E. Krugman had a notion that has been adopted and widely used in the advertising arena across the globe. The following statement encapsulates his notion: “Let me try to explain the special qualities of one, two and three exposures. I stop at three because as you shall see there is no such thing as a fourth exposure psychologically; rather fours, fives, etc., are repeats of the third exposure effect.

“Exposure No. 1 is…a “What is it?” type of… response. Anything new or novel no matter how uninteresting on second exposure has to elicit some response the first time…if only to discard the object as of no further interest…The second exposure…response…is “What of it?”…whether or not [the message] has personal relevance…

“By the third exposure the viewer knows he’s been through his “What is it’s?” and “What of it’s?,” and the third, then, becomes the true reminder . . . The importance of this view . . . is that it positions advertising as powerful only when the viewer…is interested in the [product message]…Secondly, it positions the viewer as…reacting to the advertisement—very quickly…when the proper time comes round.

Print Auto Mail is a company that has adopted Herbert E. Krugman thinking and has perfected it using direct mail as the main driver. They have proven that using the direct mail message as the forefront to start the overall advertising message has been proven to drive much more traffic than if they had used TV or any other medium. Direct mail is able to saturate a market much more effectively than any other medium. A dealership can virtually target every person directly in their target market, compared to T.V, Inserts or Social Media in which not everybody will be using constantly, but only on occasion. However, each person does have a buying pattern and needs to be reached in other forms of advertising. If the message they are seeing is always different, they will not see any significance in the advertising and will be less likely to respond. But if the advertising brand message is the same throughout each medium used with the direct mail as the main driver, the odds of them responding to the advertising, studies have showed to be 10 times higher.

Print Auto Mail specializes in Automotive Multi-Channel Brand Marketing and has packages readily available for any Automotive Dealer in the United States.

Interactive Marketing: A new, highly effective approach

             For those of us that have been in the industry for a while, we know that Automotive Direct Mail is a cost-effective way to advance business and generate revenue.  If you are looking for one of the most balanced strategies, automotive direct mail can walk the line between effectiveness and cost.  It is significantly less expensive than methods such as direct-response television ads and telephone solicitation, while it generates more responses than magazine, newspaper, and radio ads.  We have seen a huge shift in the way that we promote business.  There is also now a whole new realm of online and email marketing that we can use in connection with Automotive Direct mail campaigns

             Multichannel customers, those who shop online as well as in person, can be some of your most profitable customers. The Wall Street Journal reported on a study done by the US Postal Service, and wrote, “…consumers who received catalogs from a retailer spent 28% more on that retailer’s Web site than those who didn’t get a catalog. ‘The more often you mail,’ the study said, ‘the more sales you could see.’ “This study just shows what we’ve known for years. It is important to identify your multichannel customers and design a direct marketing program to maximize your sales and profits from these customers.  You can increase your sales, sometimes exponentially, by combining your automotive direct mail with a managed email marketing program that reaches your computer-savvy audience that they can also share with their online friends.     

             Saturation mailing can be one of the most cost effective automotive direct mail marketing there is, targeting every potential customer within a given geography.  Typically, saturation mailers have only a few filters and produce a very healthy ROI when planned and delivered correctly, but there are key factors that you must manage to make sure your saturation mailing is successful. We’ve seen dramatic increases in profits when clients combine postal mail with email.  E-mail marketing solutions are a very affordable way to enhance your automotive direct mail marketing program.  It has been said that more than 90% of online consumers check their email at least once per day—and an astounding 77% say email is their preferred channel for receiving permission-based promotional messages. It is important to take advantage of this within our automotive direct mail campaigns.  It is important to not replace one with another but to open a new aspect of potential and prime customers in your market.

Why your online marketing campaign may not be as successful as you would like

It seems like every time I turn around I hear someone say. “There’s an app for that!??? I would be hard pressed to find 5 other words that so acutely articulate the trend of advertising and marketing today. People are in motion, they are latching on to social media websites like there is no tomorrow. All of these statistics are out there and you can no longer ignore the fact that there is a new way to be advertising and integrating your marketing. The question you need to be asking yourself is “How do I turn this trend into increasing my ROI (return on investment) for my dealership????
You have probably heard something about Multi Channel Marketing. It is simple stated as, “the ability to drive marketing through more than one channel???. This is something most marketers have certainly achieved. The next level in your Automotive Internet Marketing plan should be to include Cross Channel Marketing. It is used by driving a single campaign with a consistent message that is coordinated across all forms of marketing channels. It is no longer sufficient to say that you have used email marketing and Automotive Direct Mail. To optimize your customer’s experience, there is a huge benefit in hitting them with consistent communication. It is time to delve into the world of Cross Channel Marketing or fear losing your potential clients to the guy next door who is.
Even if you are using various forms of Automotive Internet Marketing, there are often problems that are cause by lack of coordination. Using multiple vendors or sites make if difficult to track interactions within your promotion. Each different channel has specific and unique goals and attributes that must be taken into consideration when producing your Automotive Internet Marketing Campaign. We can no longer afford to treat each form independently but rather use a centrally designed driver and synchronize all the channels. Companies like PrintAutoMail have been able to catch on to this vision and are successfully integrating traditional forms of Automotive Direct Mail Advertising with the emerging Cross Channel Marketing.
A Cross Channel Marketing platform greatly simplifies the execution of cross-channel campaigns, enabling marketers to essentially create single campaigns that are duplicated across a variety of means of expressions. Content, graphics, and offers remain homogeneous. Campaigns are coordinated across the channels. The move to Cross Channel Marketing is becoming more vital to a businesses success and their ability to reach their customers who are increasingly on the move and turning to these forms of communication it their work, play and everything in between. In the New Year it is as important as ever to make sure you are doing everything you can to reach every customer possible. Explore all the options that Cross Channel Marketing allows for you.
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Easy Proven Steps for Success in 2011

Revamp your Business Plan
Researchers say we are technically out of the recession and the economy is growing. Albeit it is not nearly as fast as anyone would like, but we still must acknowledge that fact. To stay still is to die a slow death. Now is the time to rework your business plan and take the steps to move to the next level. Find the best ways for you to find new business and take the time to evaluate and re-examine often-keeping what is working and leaving the rest behind. Growth requires change and moving forward.

Find New Ways to Excite Employees and Customers
A well thought out bonus program can help focus your staff’s attention on key metrics such as sales, profits, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Find ways to get people excited to come to work- have a contest, play a game- there are many ways to energize your employees that are just out of the realm of what is normal but enough to shake things up and get the juices flowing.

Explore New Channels
When the market down turned a few years ago, business understandably went after the cheapest available options for advertising. Now, with the uphill shift we can see the change in the market. Successful companies are letting go of single path marketing and jumping feet first to all forms of marketing. That is where companies like Print Auto Mail excel by taking away the fear of the unknown and set you up with a budget incorpomulti channel marketing rating many conduits for your marketing program.

Diversify your Marketing Spending
A recent study shows that 80 percent of consumers rely on more than one channel when making a purchase decision. It is not just about recurrence. A potential client needs to see you in different aspects. We need to make sure your marketing budget includes all forms of advertising from automotive direct mail, SEM, radio, point of sale visuals. We need to remember that people generally have one type of learning style- either by seeing, hearing, or doing. They will most likely be enticed to buy that same way. Are you covering all 3 ways when you advertise to potential customers?

Direct mail + Internet Marketing =

You may be asking yourself what is cross channel marketing and can it work for me. Cross channel marketing is one of our most effective ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your automotive internet marketing. It is a fusion integration of traditional advertising venues and new emerging markets. We start by using a specifically designed direct mail flier as a driver.

By converging the automotive direct mail campaign with a variety of internet marketing techniques, we are able to promote the same urgency within all media avenues. We use the full circle of optimization to bring and fulfill total conversion of leads to sales per campaign. Now more than ever people are using the web, their phones, and social media to interact with their world. We must adapt to use these markets. That is where cross channel marketing comes in.

We are no longer limiting ourselves to TV, radio, and newspaper. We have programs to blend mobile marketing, email, social network pages, data acquisition, display ads, search engine marketing, and many more. Depending on the marketing area, we research which mediums work best in that market and use them to produces the ultimate results. By using these outlets, we constantly have your money working without your having to do anything. It’s almost like getting free labor. There are currently people all over the country tapped into this under utilized market and it baffles me as to why more people are not taking advantage of it.







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