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Automotive Direct Mail Embossed Credit Card Self Mailer

One of our most popular Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns, each one of our self-mailers are printed on our highest stock paper with the very best 4 color print. All of our self-mailers are 4/4 and range from sizes between 11×17 trifold, 11×17 Bi-folds, 8- page Magazines, Jumbo postcards, 17×22, and our 22.65 x 35 formats. The plastic credit card is personalized with customers name on it and with their own sequential number. We also have a variety of scratch offs to choose from.

cc 17x22 mailer bottom
cc 17x22 mailer full

Dealer Challenge

Automotive Dealerships are always looking for something new and different, something that stands out from the rest and most importantly something that works. We have developed a distinctive approach in facing these challenges and thus is how our High End Quality Self Mailers and personalized plastic embossed credit card emerged. We have achieved all that has been desired and more with this campaign.


Each Automotive Dealer has their own unique identity, which we tailor to, each according to their likes, dislikes, as well as budget restraints or non-restraints. Most of our dealers desire the very best and we accommodate them with our above reproach mentality. Whether the dealer desires our three scratch off mail campaign with a scanner, or simply our 24/7 live appointment center. We have what they are looking for and deliver on time all the time. Our Automotive Direct Mail Credit Card Program can be used with any list and any amount, and is considered our most popular “do it monthly??? program, which is ran on a rotating basis. If your dealership has the inventory this automotive direct mail campaign is for you.


Our dealerships average 2%-4% response every time, and for our more aggressive dealerships we have seen as high as 7% response. This automotive direct mail campaign will produce and increase your bottom line.







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