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Automotive Direct Mail 8pgr with Black Head Key

Our always popular 8-page Automotive Direct Mail Campaign with a black head key attached. Each one of our 8 page self-mailers are printed on our highest stock quality of paper with the very best 4 color print. We also have a variety of scratch offs to choose from. Automotive 8-pager Magazines have made a name for themselves in the Automotive Direct Mail industry as consistent performers, ours is of no exception.

4 8 pg key mid
Dealer ChallengeMost Automotive dealerships have seen or heard of the 8 page magazine mailer. We know that in order to keep things real we would always have to keep improving on the design and psychology of the piece. As well as finding ways to get the price down without jeopardizing the integrity of the mail piece or mail campaign. We take this approach seriously and are always improving on the new and approved version of each 8 page magazine that leaves our doors.


Is to create new copy on a monthly basis, and to negotiate with our vendor suppliers in order to lower the cost without jeopardizing the Integrity of mail. We also include extras in multiple scratch off designs, appointment centers, and new giveaways that have always kept our dealerships customers wanting more. Our results have been consistent and our dealerships have praised our efforts with repeat business.


Results vary based off of each dealerships saturated market; our approach has always been praised by dealerships as better than the norm. Each automotive dealership has its budget, if the dealer desires to spend more and add more to their automotive direct mail campaign their results will be higher. We have seen our 8 page magazine results ranging from .01% to .05% response rate.







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