Direct Mail8 pgr w Black head Key

Automotive Direct Mail AirEx Envelope

Our AirEx Envelope is the answer to the high cost of the automotive DHL envelope; we have strategically designed this envelope with the same texture and integrity as that of the automotive DHL envelope. We can still offer the automotive DHL envelope if dealer desires but we have found the results with our AirEx Envelope the same, for less the cost. We offer both 6×9 and 9×12 size envelopes and can add any size mailer with key, credit card, Intellikey II™, key fob inserted.

Airex DoubleWindow Envelope
Airex 9x12 Envelope

Dealer Challenge

Automotive dealers are complaining about the high price of the automotive DHL envelope but quietly knowing the results speak for themselves. We have created the AirEx Envelope Direct Mail Campaign and tested it with a huge ovation. Dealers from all over are praising the effectiveness and cost of this mail campaign and have raved how the results are the same as that of the automotive DHL envelope. With this success, we offer our services knowing that each dealer has a desire to get ahead of their completion and our AirEx Envelope Direct Mail Campaign will get them there.


Add a key, Intellikey II™, a key fob, customized embossed credit card, and or a custom scratch off of either three squares, or our giant square to your mailer. Expect great results and the desire to repeat over and over again with our strategically designed rotation software to keep your response fresh and with new customers. Depending on dealer budget choose between an 11×17, 8 pager, 8.5×11, or 8.5×14 4/4 high end quality mailers.


Our dealerships average 2%-4% response, and for our more aggressive dealerships we have seen as high as 7% response. This AirEx Envelope Automotive Direct Mail Campaign will produce and increase your bottom line!







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