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Automotive Direct Mail Service Mailers

There are many Automotive Direct Mail companies out there that only do Automotive Service Mailers; we are not one of them. Our approach is to do what they are not doing and provide Automotive Service Mailers that are unique and results oriented. We, like the others, can pull your customer database with all the details as well as target year, make, and model clients to help build up your service department.

Direct Mail Service Mailer
Direct Mail Service Mailer
Dealer ChallengeLet’s face it there are many automotive service companies out there that are always offering discounts and under cutting many of what New Car franchise dealerships can do or desire to do. What separates dealerships from their competitors is that they are much grander in ambience and can offer services specifically to the make of the car. New car franchises also have more money to spend in advertising then the small mom and pop automotive service companies. We recognize this and have put together programs that only they can do and the mom and pop shops most of the time cannot.


We have created many different styles of service mailers that are high end quality with very favorable response rates. Our 11×17 bi-fold self-mailer has been a staple for years coupled with our 4×6 high gloss break away post card mailers, and our 6×11 magnet mailer. Each campaign has been tested many times over with consistent results and improved traffic to your dealership service departments. We offer spin the wheel giveaways, as well as gift cards for each recipient if needed. Our creative teams are always working at ways to drive traffic to your service department.


Each Automotive Service Direct Mail Campaign we do is time tested to produce results, our service department managers come back every month desiring more. We will not mail it if it has not been tested and is created with a results oriented psychology. We offer different approaches with high end quality pieces that produce consistent responses.







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