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Automotive Direct Mail List Services

Print•Auto•Mail offers many Automotive Direct Mail List Services to meet any targeted need.

Automotive Credit Score Lists::
Automotive Credit Score lists are pulled from the credit bureaus to get accurate, up-to-date credit score criteria. Credit Lists can be pulled with credit rating range, auto loan information, number of trades or loans, revolving credit information, lease information, minimum trade, gender, age, income, Hispanic surnames, and delinquent information. You can target very specific needs for your Automotive Dealership by using a custom Automotive Credit Score List.

Automotive Registered Owners Lists::
There are about 26 states offering Automotive Registered Owners Lists with some states that are considered restricted and do not allow access to registration records. Automotive Registered Owners Lists are pulled using the owners information on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Automotive Garage Predictor Lists::
Some states are completely restricted meaning that DMV or Vehicle Registrations are not available in any way. In these restricted states, we pull what is called an Automotive Garage Predictor List. These lists provide you with people who are most likely to buy or own a specific vehicle make or model by year model. It is composed of a series of models that make it possible for you to target households by vehicle ownership with at least 50% accuracy or better. Comparative data is modeled from surrounding states that are not restricted in order to get this list.

This list meets the privacy requirements of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and related legislation while providing the performance you need. You can use the Automotive Garage Predictor List and Niche (another type of predictor list) to target individual households by the vehicles they are LIKELY TO OWN, a proven predictor of future vehicle purchases.

With 129 models in the series, you have the flexibility to make selections tailored to your unique needs. Select from several model categories including vehicle manufacturer, vehicle type, vehicle model year, market value, time-owned and more. Each model is structured with three ranks.

  • Rank 1 – states probability of owning at 50% or greater. (Currently performing at about 70% accuracy level)
  • Rank 2 – probability of owning is 25% to 49.9% or greater.
  • Rank 3 – probability of owning is less than 25%

Automotive Bankruptcy Lists:
We have access to bankruptcy files that can be filtered by the following criterion: Record Type (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13), File Date, Discharge Date, Age, Estimated Income, etc.

Automotive Resident / Saturation lists:
These lists target all deliverable residential addresses in a particular zip code. Just as it states, this list is used to saturate an Automotive Dealer’s market area at a minimal cost. Automotive Direct Mail is sent to every residential address within a zip code (no other filters used), and the mail is marked with either “CURRENT RESIDENT” or has names where available. This type of Automotive Direct Mailing is one of the least expensive ways to mail directly into the mailbox.

Automotive Consumer Lists:
The Automotive Consumer List consists of consumer information that is not tied to a credit score such as homeowner, renter, age, income, ethnicity, etc. This data is compiled from numerous sources, (e.g. public records, surveys, magazine subscriptions, etc.) to build a model of consumer behavior. Lists options include: Age/Income filters, new movers, new homeowners, etc.

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