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Automotive Direct Mail Marketing
New Car Mailers

With the market in the condition it is in, we hear all the time that there are not many good Automotive Direct Mail New Car Programs out there today Our never give up attitude and results driven philosophy has allowed us to produce results driven new car automotive campaigns. If all you want to do is boost your new Car Sales, then Call or Contact Us. We can help!


We have found the Holy Grail so to speak with this combination. By integrating the use of multiple lists and paring them along with our award winning copy we are seeing results that are proven and tested. Call us now and ask how the KAMAKAZI can be a fit for you.

Registered Owner

Do you want to target specific owners of specific vehicles? Do you want a precise marketing tool to hit exact targeted individuals? Use a Registered Owners Automotive Direct Mailer and be specific, coupled with using an Automotive Registered Owners List that is pulled using the owners information on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Automotive Lease & Loan Buy Back Mailers

ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE LIST OF CONSUMERS WHO ARE IN THE MARKET AND QUALIFIED TO BUY! Target Auto loan holders expiring in 6 months or less, Lease holders expiring in 6 months or less, Vehicle owners who have paid off a lease or loan in the past 12 months and have NOT repurchased yet, LIVE credit score filter of 600+.

Automotive Data Base Mailers

Talk to your customer base; it's inexpensive and generates a tremendous response. You have already built that trust relationship, so use it to get your word out. In addition, by choosing to use variable data printing, your message reaches out to your potential customer by name and allows for printing customized promotional materials that could possibly double or even triple your Automotive Direct Mail Marketing response rates.

Automotive Service Mailers

Boost up your Service Department with Customized Automotive Direct Mailers specific to your Specials, Products and Services. Use your own database as a list to get repeat business out of your Customers!

Automotive Saturation Mailers

With their low cost factor you have the ability to saturate your immediate marketplace and create excitement and enthusiasm. You have the ability to hit all the same people you would hit with a targeted list at a fraction of the cost boosting your Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.

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