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Our Story

Print•Auto•Mail when a team of people who had some background in the automotive world and others in the automotive marketing and automotive direct mailing industry came together. They determined that by meshing their talents, minds and creativity together, would be a greater use of them by coming along side of the auto dealerships advertising needs. Pete Robertson with his 14 years of background experience in the automotive industry, made it clear that direct mail was the best means of advertising to drive traffic to dealerships. Print•Auto•Mail is an automotive direct mail marketing company that is dedicated to serving the auto industry’s’ direct mail needs.

Over the years the team at Print•Auto•Mail, has learned that we must consistently be innovative and find new concepts, ideas and creativity to keep our clients ahead of the curve. Armed with this knowledge, we have worked hard to create a unique creative longevity in this ever changing, ever crazy auto industry. We know what it takes to get the job done efficiently while creating an urgency of response from the consumers.

We have always known that taking care of our customers and ourselves is not our only concern, thus we have equipped ourselves with a vision of how we can be a good neighbor and friend to the people around us and abroad.

This is where our story really begins...
We believe our sole purpose in existence is to be difference makers in all areas. Besides focusing our energy on being a company that is continually increasing our productivity and learning to adapt to our customers ever changing needs, we are also dedicating some of our time and resources to charity needs. Print•Auto•Mail has formed Print Auto Cares which helps in giving a lending hand to vital areas in need. You too are a part of this by sending your direct mail campaigns through us; a portion of it is donated to the causes below.

Together we are making a difference around the world!
Please see below some of these areas we help support.

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