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Automotive Direct Mail Used Car Mailers

We are among some of the pioneers in the Automotive Direct Mail Marketing industry when it comes to Automotive Used Car Direct Mailers. Our reputation and endurance have stood the test of time. We remember doing our first bankruptcy mailer back in the 80s like it was months ago. We also remember doing a 10 thousand piece Automotive Direct Mail Bankruptcy Campaign and getting over 1000 ups. While the days of getting those numbers may be gone, our attitude and focus are still going strong. Even with all the changes out there today, we can still drive the traffic in with the best out there.

Automotive Credit Score Mailer

Automotive Credit Score Mail campaign targets those sub-prime customers that have the intent to buy. These customers are always quick to come down to your Automotive Dealership in hopes of getting a newer car.

Automotive Bankruptcy Programs

Do you offer Special Automotive Bankruptcy Programs? NOW Is the Time To Target the Individual Who Needs a Boost In Their Lives. They have just gone through an ordeal, Possibly loosing it all. Why Not Make Your Automotive Dealership the Saving Grace to these folks? If you don’t someone else will!

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Automotive Saturation / Blanket Mailers

Want to get the MOST BANG for your $$$’s? Put out an Automotive Saturation Direct Mail Campaign and watch the results come flooding into your dealership. Plus it’s a lower cost for your Automotive Direct Marketing Mailer because of the Postage rate!!! Get more mailers out for fraction of the cost!

Automotive Tax Mailers

When it's tax time people are always thinking about what they can use their return money for. Studies have shown that a large amount of people have chosen to buy a new car. What a great opportunity for you to turn it into a win, win for everyone, send out an Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign just in time for the tax season!

6 X 9 Custom Envelope

The more personalized your Automotive Direct Marketing Mailing, the more likely its recipient will read it and take action. That’s why letter packages are so powerful. Real people send things in envelopes to other real people. And consumers, especially in this day and age, want to be catered to on a personal level.

Nothing gets a busy prospect’s attention like a big thick envelope with a strong message called a “teaser” printed on the outside. Our research has shown that most Americans quickly thumb through their mail, opening most envelopes to quickly examine what’s inside - in case there is a check, valuable coupon or even a bill. We can take advantage of this to help get your message across.

Automotive Credit Card Mailer

These people need credit. Use the Automotive Direct Mail Credit Card mailer as a lure to drive them to the dealership to establish their credit.

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