Best way to do Automotive SEO

Many Automotive dealerships have internet marketing departments and they should. They are constantly having to update their site with all the new cars, used cars and the special promos that auto dealers run each month. I have seen many conflicting issues as far as Auto Dealers Internet Marketing departments making their sites SEO optimized. Some of them do a decent job with on-page work but the majority I have found do not do a great job with their off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is where you do work like Press Release, Article submissions and bookmarking in order to get backlinks to your website. I know dealerships are learning more and more each day about SEO and how important it is. I also know that hiring an outside SEO company is vital to their overall growth in competing with their competition. For example let’s say you’re in a big market, and you have many other dealerships in that market wanting to rank for the top spot on the SERP(search engine results page) and your dealership has less back links then your competitors website. This means that now your website will not rank as high as your competitor and you will possibly lose business because of it.

Another important off-page SEO factor is asking whether your dealership is trying to attract customers from cities or other parts of the state that are not directly in your direct market reach. You can achieve this by setting up a back end landing page with proper keywords. You can then do off-page SEO marketing to reflect that page with that targeted city or specific location in your state you wish to reach. Once your keywords are optimized you will then start seeing more traffic form that location and your overall floor traffic will increase as well.

An even greater way to help with overall increased traffic flow from an outside location is to combine Automotive SEO with Automotive Direct Mail. Print Auto Mail has had great success in this multi-channel approach and can help your dealership greatly with your increased market penetration. We are a One-Stop-Full-Service Automotive Expert Company in providing your dealership with high traffic. We do this with Automotive on-page or off-page SEO, combined with a targeted and non-targeted Automotive Direct Mail Campaign such as credit score or saturation mailers. Call us today and let Print Auto Mail fulfill all your Automotive SEO and Automotive Direct Mail Needs today!

Get More Product for Less Price

It is not very often that we hear this phrase, especially in the Automotive Direct Mail world, but that is exactly what Volkswagen announced this week with its new Passat. The company will start making these cars in their new Chattanooga, TN plant early in the second quarter and that has allowed them to drop their price tag by almost $7,000. Jonathan Browning, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America said, “The Passat will become our second-best-selling car behind the Jetta sedan. In addition to the price difference between the German made and American made Passat, there will be a few design differences specifically for American buyers. The American made Passat will have a longer wheel base, which in turn gives more leg room in the back seat. There will be various trim and equipment levels along with 3 different engines to choose from.

We too often fool ourselves into thinking that in order to get more, we have to pay more. In this day with technology being what it is, we at Print•Auto•Mail utilize our many years of experience in the Automotive Direct Mail industry to better further the response rates of your Direct Mail Campaigns. Our proven methods bypass the often “search for best priced??? mentality that comes with organic marketing. Using our Automotive Internet Marketing Campaigns our automotive dealers are seeing a higher gross per vehicle sold than most of your generic advertising methods. We have found a way for you to do more and pay less!

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Are you in Danger of Being Fined?

Is your dealership FTC compliant with the new laws taking effect?

As an Automotive Direct Mail Company, we are all too familiar with the rules and regulations put in place to insure safe business practices. Whether it is insurance regulations, credit score reporting, or postal parameters- our goal is to make your Automotive Direct Mail campaign run smoothly without headaches and with full compliance. As businesses get more adept at trying to fool the customer, the FTC is getting stricter on retailers. January 1st brought the official start of some of the biggest regulation updates aimed to protect the consumer. Although some of these laws have been in effect since 2008, the Federal Trade Commission is entering the enforcement phase.

1. Red Flag Rule: Intends to prevent identity theft by demanding business to set up policies that will “red flag??? indicators of identity theft and then put together procedures in response.

2. Risk-based pricing Rule: Intends to help people with lower credit scores to get the best financing possible by requiring companies to give out a notice with credit pulls to explain special issues.

3. Model Privacy Notice: This aims to universalize the paperwork that explains how businesses collect and share customer information.

While no flat number can be given as to the costs of implementing these new rules, it is certainly taking up dealerships time and resources. Non-compliance could be much more costly, with fines of up to $2500 along with state lawsuits. Compliance sweeps are expected but only the FTC knows when and how through they will turn out to be. There also are a few regulations that are still out for discussion that could be put into practice as early as 2011. With all the what-ifs, you should feel confident that your Automotive Direct Mail company is working hard for you. Let PrintAutoMail earn your trust and loyalty this year so you have one less thing to worry about.

What about you? Are you finding the compliance of these three rules already easily implemented, working out the kinks, or still struggling to completely catch up to be where you need to be? Let us know what you think.

Why your online marketing campaign may not be as successful as you would like

It seems like every time I turn around I hear someone say. “There’s an app for that!??? I would be hard pressed to find 5 other words that so acutely articulate the trend of advertising and marketing today. People are in motion, they are latching on to social media websites like there is no tomorrow. All of these statistics are out there and you can no longer ignore the fact that there is a new way to be advertising and integrating your marketing. The question you need to be asking yourself is “How do I turn this trend into increasing my ROI (return on investment) for my dealership????
You have probably heard something about Multi Channel Marketing. It is simple stated as, “the ability to drive marketing through more than one channel???. This is something most marketers have certainly achieved. The next level in your Automotive Internet Marketing plan should be to include Cross Channel Marketing. It is used by driving a single campaign with a consistent message that is coordinated across all forms of marketing channels. It is no longer sufficient to say that you have used email marketing and Automotive Direct Mail. To optimize your customer’s experience, there is a huge benefit in hitting them with consistent communication. It is time to delve into the world of Cross Channel Marketing or fear losing your potential clients to the guy next door who is.
Even if you are using various forms of Automotive Internet Marketing, there are often problems that are cause by lack of coordination. Using multiple vendors or sites make if difficult to track interactions within your promotion. Each different channel has specific and unique goals and attributes that must be taken into consideration when producing your Automotive Internet Marketing Campaign. We can no longer afford to treat each form independently but rather use a centrally designed driver and synchronize all the channels. Companies like PrintAutoMail have been able to catch on to this vision and are successfully integrating traditional forms of Automotive Direct Mail Advertising with the emerging Cross Channel Marketing.
A Cross Channel Marketing platform greatly simplifies the execution of cross-channel campaigns, enabling marketers to essentially create single campaigns that are duplicated across a variety of means of expressions. Content, graphics, and offers remain homogeneous. Campaigns are coordinated across the channels. The move to Cross Channel Marketing is becoming more vital to a businesses success and their ability to reach their customers who are increasingly on the move and turning to these forms of communication it their work, play and everything in between. In the New Year it is as important as ever to make sure you are doing everything you can to reach every customer possible. Explore all the options that Cross Channel Marketing allows for you.
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Free Million Dollar Roll

FREE Shipping, FREE Nights Stay, Buy one Get one FREE. Admit it; we all love to get things for free. We wait in long lines, shop at specific times and stores, and sometimes even fill out forms and rebates to insure that we are getting our free gift. Imagine being able to tell your customer that they not only get a FREE trip to Las Vegas, but during that trip have a chance to win $1,000,000. That is exactly what you can do with our new premium giveaway called the new Million Dollar Roll. Our new promotion hits the very heart of each of souls. It combines the desire for instant win, free travel, and a second chance. Know what type of Automotive Direct Mail you are doing, your customers are wanting a free gift and a chance to win a ton of cash! It appeals to all of our senses. It is sure to drive in customers!
How it works:
25K Cash- Chance for customers to instantly win. Each card has the possibility to be a winner.
Trip to Las Vegas- enter pin on our secure website to see if you win the trip to try for 1 Million Dollars
FREE Gift- customers can choose one of 7 hard premiums that will be shipped to their door-free of cost.
Second chance- Drawing for the trip to Vegas- customers are automatically entered when they choose their gift

This is a package that is sure to enhance any Automotive Direct Mail you are doing. It goes beyond the same old business automotive promotional gifts that everyone is doing and takes it to the next level. Call us for more info on how this promotion can start working for you and a chance to demo the program.

Print Auto Mail

Move Foward or Get Left Behind

While auto makers are in no way forgoing traditional car making, there is a definite shift towards making newer, more effective electric and hybrid cars. As evidenced in an article by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mitsubishi can now claim the top spot in sales for the world’s best selling EV with the i-Miev electric car. Rolling out 5000 units from its Japanese factory alone and surpassing previous record holder Think City’s 2500 units, they have not even begun to start selling the European or American markets. Mitsubishi will make a few body design changes and ensure it is better equipped before selling it to the American marketplace. Nissan is following suit with its new 2011 Leaf.
With this new push to get in the electric vehicle market, I can’t help to think about how not that long ago electric cars, hand held computers, and wireless telecommunications were things of science fiction and fantasy. But with the emergence of these brings forth a change in how we all do business. It is either adapt and move forward into the future or get left behind.
There is definitely a similar trend moving people away from tradition marketing to more digital and technology driven forms of advertising. Just as large auto makers would be called crazy if they suddenly stopped making gas driven cars, trucks and SUV’s, and focused solely on the production of EV’s, it seems that is what some companies have done as far as advertising. Completely abandoning old, reliable forms of advertising, they test the waters with this new digital means. What a waste; there is no reason we can not have the best of both worlds. There is room for growth and forward motion while still utilizing the great print world of the past. We have found the perfect balance of integrating print and direct mail with the emerging Automotive Internet Markets. It’s a fine line between staying rooted in the past and moving out beyond the crowd into a new world.

New Year bring new car models

With only 38 days until Christmas left, it seems only natural to look back and wonder where 2010 went. We don’t have to look back too long though because auto makers are pushing forward into the New Year with their 2011 models. The 2011 Elantra will be revealed Thursday at the Los Angles auto show, and it features dramatic new exterior design and a well-appointed interior. These new cars hardly need the incentive to do Automotive Direct Mail Advertising. The new design on the Elantra is just one of many that they are taking a look into updating their look. Styling has come a long way on these cars. The Auto show will continue through the end of the month with new concepts cars from many of the designers. Some reinventing and improving and some on the cutting edge of technology; all promise to be something amazing. Going back to that reminder of Christmas, I wouldn’t mind if the Porsche 911 Speedster ended up under my tree.

Direct mail + Internet Marketing =

You may be asking yourself what is cross channel marketing and can it work for me. Cross channel marketing is one of our most effective ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your automotive internet marketing. It is a fusion integration of traditional advertising venues and new emerging markets. We start by using a specifically designed direct mail flier as a driver.

By converging the automotive direct mail campaign with a variety of internet marketing techniques, we are able to promote the same urgency within all media avenues. We use the full circle of optimization to bring and fulfill total conversion of leads to sales per campaign. Now more than ever people are using the web, their phones, and social media to interact with their world. We must adapt to use these markets. That is where cross channel marketing comes in.

We are no longer limiting ourselves to TV, radio, and newspaper. We have programs to blend mobile marketing, email, social network pages, data acquisition, display ads, search engine marketing, and many more. Depending on the marketing area, we research which mediums work best in that market and use them to produces the ultimate results. By using these outlets, we constantly have your money working without your having to do anything. It’s almost like getting free labor. There are currently people all over the country tapped into this under utilized market and it baffles me as to why more people are not taking advantage of it.