Automotive Direct Mail that gets 7% Response

Automotive Direct Mail Embossed Credit Card has continued to surpass all expectations.

In general, Automotive Direct Mail  has done its part, history shows that it does drive traffic to the local dealership. The problem is not that it does not work but it is because the local market is saturated. There are Automotive Staffed Event teams out there that have hit a market so hard that all the buyers are dried up and all you are left with are the gift seekers that dealerships see over and over again. The Automotive Personalized Embossed Credit Card when designed properly does not target the gift seekers but the buyers!

Psychology plays a major role in how Print Auto Mail comes alongside the dealership with assisting in finding the buyers that are needing a car and not just searching for a deal or a freebie.  The personalization of the embossed credit card brings a more authentic feeling to the consumer and it separates the Auto Dealer from the other Dealers that are doing the non-personalized credit card mailers. We also couple that with a live BDC appointment setting, call center and live bar code scan and scanner for more effective response tracking. Each Automotive Dealer that has done the personalized embossed credit card with us has repeatedly done it with great responses.

This Automotive Direct Mail campaign will NOT disappoint and will MOST DEFINITELY drive buyers to your doors!.

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