Automotive Direct Mail Lunch Bag Mailer

Automotive Dealerships love to give away food, whether it be a BBQ, gift card or such, many dealerships associate food and selling cars in the same sentence. We have created a Lunch Bag Mailer that allows the dealership to say “ Lunch Is On Us???. The Psychology behind this is people recognize they like food and desire to eat daily, if someone is giving away free food it sparks their interest. It’s a very simple approach that works every time.


Dealer ChallengeFor the Automotive Dealer that has been doing direct mail on a monthly basis, this mailer is the reason for its existence. Dealerships are always seeking new things to attract their potential clients and food is always a great way to communicate. Automotive Dealers love to showcase their willingness to reach out to the community in ways that bless. By them feeding the multitudes this sends a clear positive message to each individual that receives their direct mail offer.


We have created an 8.5×14 4/4 mailer that is inserted into a Brown Paper Lunch Bag. The one you used to get when going to school. Each direct mail piece has the offer from the dealership that states they desire to give them lunch. How the dealership presents the offer varies, some give 5 dollar gift cards away from local sub shops or subway, some bring in a vendor or supply hamburgers and hot dogs during the event. Whichever way the dealership chooses to portray this message it will work in driving people to your dealership. For greater results attach a key.


Results vary based off of each dealership saturated market; our approach has always been praised by dealerships as better than the norm. Each automotive dealership has its budget, if the dealer desires to spend more and add more to their Automotive Direct Mail Campaign their results will be higher. If the dealer chooses to add a key with its lunch offer you will see a much higher response than with not. However, this piece will drive traffic to your dealership either way. We have seen our Lunch Bag Mail Campaign results ranging from .01% to .05% response rate.







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